Alan Hastie

Alan Hastie






What motivated you to start DJing/presenting?

Ohh many years ago now I walked passed a DJ shop and they had this great window display with lights and DJ equipment, so I went in. I was in there for over an hour looking at all their lights and equipment and got talking to the owner where I found out he was recruiting DJs to work as a mobile DJ. They would go to the venue and set up and the DJ would simply turn up and play their CD’s, yes CD’s it was back then haha. I loved it. Since then I’ve never looked back and have this passion for music. So that’s how I got into DJing. I have also been presenting on another station playing Dance remixes which all my shows are uploaded to my Mixcloud page.

What styles do you play?

I play the commercial Dance Remixes on my Show with Old Skool Dance Anthems, but I also do love Trance music especially Vocal Trance.

Do you mix or scratch or both? Or are you more of a presenter?

Don’t do scratching but I mix once I start talking I can’t stop.

Do you play on just one of’s stations or both?

I only play on Dance UK but I do have podcasts on my Mixcloud and play 80s &90s music also on Mixcloud.

Outside of, who are your favourite DJ’s, bands or music artists and how have they influenced your style (if they have)?

I have been to see Faithless and loved it, my favourite DJ is Armin van Buuren. Armin is a real influence In my music as some of the Vocal Trance he plays is just so uplifting.

What other interests do you have besides DJing/presenting on the radio?

I go to the gym 3 times per week and like to relax when I can with a good box set or Netflix. Also getting out to the coast for nice walks and love a good drive out. This sounds like a dating site!

Favourite things?

Love fast cars, listening to music, love buying watches, decent clothes, trainers, favourite holiday was Aiya Napa Clubbers capital. Favourite lager Fosters.

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

Hardworking and passionate about music.

Your desert island discs?

Intense by Armin van Buuren
David Guetta
And the early years of Clubland (not the new Clubland)

Anything else?

Not that I can think of.