was founded by DJ Matt Jay, who had always been a massive fan of radio and dance music. Back in the early 1990′s, Matt regularly listened to Exile Radio, a major pirate radio station broadcasting from the heart of the UK. It was this station, along with his love of dance music that inspired him to set up his own fully licensed Internet radio station, Dance Radio UK.


In 2011 Matt was playing Old Skool on Dream UK FM. He then went on to fulfil his ambition and was born. He quickly discovered that the name he had chosen worked perfectly with web search engines like Google.

Originally the station was named Dance Radio UK and was one channel playing mostly Old Skool, in an attempt to replicate the vibe of FM pirates from the 90′s. Matt contacted all the radio DJ’s he knew about with little joy, as Internet broadcasting was a relatively new thing to these DJ’s at the time.

However, Matt was determined to get the station off the ground and managed to get a few willing DJ’s on board and started building from there. At first things started slowly, but then the station gathered a strong following with more and more listeners month by month. A lot of these listeners also wanted to hear 80′s music, so the station became a mish-mash of everything, from old skool to electro to 80′s.

After Dance Radio UK’s first birthday it was decided that the station should split into two separate channels both available at This led to the launch of Box UK, the more commercial sister station of Dance UK, which plays 80′s 90′s 00′s and a bit of everything else. Box UK has a very busy chat room and appeals to listeners who enjoy popular mainstream music and lots of interaction. Dance UK caters more for fans of all genres of dance music and also has a chat room and a live studio cam, the perfect choice for the underground music aficionado.

From there both stations grew rapidly. More people began to take an interest and get involved including a lot of the people who didn’t initially think the idea was so great. Consequently, both stations have continued to grow with a great listener base and new fans and DJ’s from all around the world.

Both stations are fully licensed by PPL and PRS. We have the best streaming technology available to ensure the tunes keep coming strong 24/7.


Friendly Staff and DJ’s host some great shows on both channels. 
Monthly meet-ups happen at different locations in the UK, with team members sometimes travelling hundreds of miles to attend.
 Well-known DJ’s Slipmatt and DJ Nee both have weekly shows on Dance UK, along with sets from many more well known guest DJ’s.

The Dance Radio UK network is run and funded by Matt Jay with the continued help and support from the team of volunteer DJ’s and loyal listeners from around the globe. We rely solely on donations to pay our annual license fees and keep the music flowing, so if you think you can help us please click the Donate button at the top of this page. Every donation is appreciated, no matter how small.