Karl Lyon



What motivated you to start DJing/presenting?

I started DJing as a fresh faced 16 year old all those years ago inspired by the explosion of 12″ singles and the idea of remixing tunes and making them sound completely different.

What styles do you play?

I tend to play more commercial styles of music – From rock to pop and everything else on Box UK and a tendency towards funky and commercial house on Dance UK.

Do you mix or scratch or both? Or are you more of a presenter?

I can mix, but not scratch.

Do you play on just one of danceradiouk.com’s stations or both?

I mainly play on Box UK, but have been known to get the old mixing fingers exercising every now and then on Dance UK.

Outside of danceradiouk.com, who are your favourite DJ’s, bands or music artists and how have they influenced your style (if they have)?

I have too many favourites to mention, though would have to say I love the Old Skool so Slipmatt and 2 Bad Mice are particular heroes. I also LOVE Moto Blanco!!

What other interests do you have besides DJing/presenting on the radio?

I am also interested in history and genealogy and have been known to be a bit geeky when it comes to technology.

Favourite things?

I like McDonald’s Big Tasty’s (Lifetime supply of freebies for the shout please).

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.

Your desert island discs?

I wouldn’t have any desert island discs as I probably wouldn’t land on a desert island with a CD player. However if I had a desert island MP3 player it would have some Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy alongside Electronic – Getting away with it and plenty of Luther Vandross.

Anything else?

I am available for Live PA’s at weddings, birthdays and divorces.