What motivated you to start DJing/presenting?

I have always loved a broad range of dance music, and was motivated to begin mixing by Matt Jay and other dj’s who thought I should give it a go when I was a listener on Danceradiouk back in 2014 and I caught the bug big-time!

What styles do you play?

I play a range of styles from Electro House to DnB to Happy Hardcore and like to be diverse and keep music fun.

Do you mix or scratch or both? Or are you more of a presenter?

I just mix, i wish i could scratch like Sy but unfortunately not.

Do you play on just one of’s stations or both?

I just play on the Dance channel as presenting is not my forte.

Outside of, who are your favourite DJ’s, bands or music artists and how have they influenced your style (if they have)?

So hard to pick favourites, I love The Prodigy, Hixxy, Vibes, Dj Ham, Dannic, Dj’s From Mars, even the occasional blast of classical music, Motown or cheesy 80’s.

What other interests do you have besides DJing/presenting on the radio?

I bake, cook and run round after the kids, and love a cheeky pint now and then when I’m not working.

Favourite things?

My favourite thing has to be my phone, couldn’t live without it!

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

Random, a little bit strange and cheeky sometimes.

Your desert island discs?

Desert island discs would have to be Their Law – Prodigy, Bonkers 3, and maybe Pink – I’m Not Dead.