Hardhouse SB

DJ Hardhouse SB

What motivated you to start DJing/presenting?
I always wanted to be a DJ from a young age. My Aunt owned her own pub and when there one night the DJ let me have a go on the old twin deck, from then I was hooked.

What styles do you play?

My favourite style of music is Hard House. I also play D&B, fidget, jacking, speed garage, trance, happy hardcore & new skool.

Do you mix or scratch or both? Or are you more of a presenter?

At the moment I just mix. Hoping to learn to scratch one day, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Do you play on just one of danceradiouk.com’s stations or both?

I play on Dance UK – 7pm-9pm every Saturday. I have also done a one-off “All Vinyl Special” tribute to Michael Jackson on Box UK.

Outside of danceradiouk.com, who are your favourite DJ’s, bands or music artists and how have they influenced your style (if they have)?

Just to name a few, my musical tastes are Tiesto, Andy Farley ,Tony De Vit ,Lisa Lashes, Lisa Pin Up, Anne Savage, Tidy Boys, BK, Tom Berry, Llogik and E&M. I like Oasis but mainly their early stuff, Guns & Roses, Coldplay and Kings of Leon. I also like Michael Jackson.

What other interests do you have besides DJing/presenting on the radio?

Football in all shapes and forms. We go as often as we can to the Molineux with the family and kids. I love spending quality time with family and friends. I also like films, motorbikes, swimming, bike rides and cars.

Favourite things?

Music …. most styles, honesty, DRUK curry nights, meeting new people, food (will try anything once).

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

If i had to describe myself with one sentence to be honest I did try but left it to the wife… so this is what she said… “I’m a kind hearted person who will help anyone when i can. Music is my addiction. I work hard and give maximum effort in everything I do.”

Your desert island discs?

Freaks – Anne Savage
Thriller & Bad albums
Candy Man & Perfect Drug – Lab 4
The Dawn – Tony de Vit
Pink Panther & Super Mario Bros – Organ Donors
Love Parade – Da Hool
Adagio for Strings – Tiesto